Way to Retrieve Deleted Picture From Memory Stick

Have you accidentally deleted all the pictures from your memory stick? Are you looking for the solution to get them back? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. In this article you will know how retrieve deleted picture from memory stick.

Memory stick is a removable flash memory card storage device. It is accepted by many users because it is light, reliable, portable and easy to use. There are several type of Memory stick available in market including memory stick, memory stick pro, Duo, HG and memory stick micro. It is capable to store data form 32 MB to 8 GB. It has also been used in several gadget like camcorder, mobile phones and play station. We use Memory stick to store lots of pictures which we have taken from different device. Hence, the worse thing that can happen is lost of these precious pictures due to corruption and deletion. This arises the need to retrieve deleted picture from Memory stick.

There should be various reason behind loss of pictures. Let us see some of the common them

  • Due to human mistake – The most common reason is accidental delete or formatting the memory card.
  • Improper handling  – Abruptly removing Memory stick while transferring photos.
  • Virus or malware attack  – Virus can easily be transfer from one device to another. Storing pictures in an infected Memory stick can corrupt it.
  • File system error  – Formation of bad sector in Memory stick can result in photo loss.
  • Inaccessible Memory stick – Sometime you attach your Memory stick to your system and it shows the Memory stick is empty. This unknown error can cause images to corrupted.

Picture loss can happen anytime. So, it is better to make a copy of them. If you have a proper backup of your photos then you can easily get them back. Otherwise you need a third party software. Try Photo recovery software to Retrieve deleted picture from Memory stick. It is easy to use and able to recover deleted image from memory stick, memory card and all other electronic gadget. It supports all type of Picture format and easily be used on any Windows OS.

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