How to Repair Crashed MOV Video

As we all familiar with MOV Extension and its importance in our day to day life. Its a well know video file format that has been enabled with latest video compressing Technology. Now a days, a large number of digital devices makes use of this very format. But, like other video file format this too is not free from corruption. Many of our user’s reported some cumbersome issue of video loss. They said that there MOV video gets crashed while playing. However, if you are also the one who have the same issue then, be relaxed! As you are reading the right post. Here, we will discuss all the probable factors that are quite behind the corruption issue. And, also you will be able to know the procedure to repair crashed MOV video files in an easy way. So, be calm and continue your reading.

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How To Recover CR2 Picture File

I have taken picture of my friends birthday with my Canon digital camera. When i come back home and try to access those pictures i get shocked, my important picture have disappear from the camera. I then connect camera to PC and try to access the pictures files, but it also goes worth. I have no idea how to recover CR2 picture file. Can anyone help me?

A large number of professional photographers recommend canon digital camera because image capture from this looks crystal clear and live. It has best GUI and high capability features. Canon digital camera use CR2 which is a popular and important RAW image format. With the help of external memory cards like SD, SDHC, micro SD cards, user can take lots of shots continuously that are usually saved with .CR2 file extension. But there is high possibility that the photo capture by this camera can delete or corrupt.

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How Can I Recover Sony A77 II photo?

Can I recover Sony A77 II photo?I accidentally deleted some priceless pictures captured during my bro wedding with my new Sony A77. I feel sorry on my silly mistake but now looking way to recover them. How can I recover Sony A77 II photo? Please help!!!

Sony is top class camera manufacturer and recently launched brand new Sony A77 II digital camera with lots of amazing features. The impressive camera comes with 24MP sensor and most delighting its auto-focus features with highest focal length of 79 points. It is able to cover large area on the frame. In addition to this some other interesting features that makes its more desirable are 3” LCD screen, XGA resolution and OLED technology. Read more

How to Recover Lost GIF Picture

Yesterday, my friend give me lots of GIF pictures and i stored them on my USB drive. But from some reason the folder in which i save the GIF image get deleted. So, can anyone give me advice on how to recover Lost GIF Picture?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is used to develop graphical images. This is the best format which is widely used to create animated image on web. Everyone collect lots of GIF pictures from Internet. It is compatible with all the popular browser and you can preserve animation file. It is simple to make animation program and it not required plug-in. The GIF pictures are small file size and it takes very few space on storage device. But unfortunately sometime we delete the pictures and start finding the way to get back the Lost GIF Picture.

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How to Recover Memory Card Files after Format Error

Do you want to recover memory card files after format error? Well, while trying to access data from memory card, users often encounter format error which ask the users to format their memory card for smooth functioning of their storage media. This particular error is mostly encountered by the users due to severe corruption issue. However, formatting the SD card wipes entire data from formatted storage media meanwhile the lost files are not permanently removed and there are still some good possibility to recover memory card files after format error.

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Does Your Photo Gets Deleted from Fujifilm FinePix S8600?

Is photo gets deleted from Fujifilm FinePix S8600 camera and want to recover them back instantly then, you have come to right place? Read the following article carefully in order to fix the issue.

Now a days, fujifilm camera is one of the most popular digital camera among the professional photographers as well as general user. Fujifilm FinePix S8600 camera model is the latest designed to capture photos and shoot videos with a simple click. But even this advanced digital camera is also not free from photo loss issue. Generally user’s are having habit to transfer their precious photos to the their computer or any device. In some situation user will unable to perform such task due to unexpected reason. Hence in this case user may come across with photo loss issue.

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