Complete Tutorial For YUV File Recovery

YUV is not a file format, its a video data format specifying the ratio between the Y, the U and the V components per pixel. You would typically store such data in a container format such as AVI or MOV. The .yuv file format is a convention, you can’t be sure what does contain. It is not an official file format like .avi. However, most of the time, a .yuv file will contain a series of yuv images, one after the other, so it will be a raw video file. These yuv files are header-less, so there will be no info on the resolution of the yuv images or the fps of the video.

YUV files are raw data that is essential part of any once but due to temporary unavailability of these files may lead to big or serious losses. Do you ever think what happened when any kind of corruption occur with these files or it get lost due to nay possible reason? Unfortunately unexpected things always occur, also there are number of possible reasons are available that can easily damaged files and make them completely inaccessible or unavailable. This is done mainly for the protection of your data whenever it may get lost or corrupted due to virus infection, hardware issues problems, power outages, accidentally deletion, storage size limit cross over, forcefully shut down of the system, crash of application etc.

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