Repair MOV When QuickTime Shows Green Screen

Are you trying to find a solution to Repair MOV When QuickTime Shows Green Screen ? You must be thinking that you will not be able to watch your favorite video again but that’s not true there is still a way that is given here in detail. So read the article carefully and follow the instructions to resolve the issue. One thing you should be clear about is that if you are facing this problem then your mov file has gone corrupted. The mov video format is the output from the camcorder that is saved in the memory card, you can also download this type of video from the internet. When you start playing the video only the green screen appears and nothing else at all. There must be any kind of interruption in the recording, downloading or even while transferring then your video file will get corrupted. If the storage medium where the videos were saved have any corruption issue of its own then it will affect the video file and as a result you need to repair MOV when QuickTime shows green screen.

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