Now Easily Restore Kodak PlaySport Corrupted Data Effectively

Kodak Playsport, also known as the Zx3, is the evolution of Kodak’s Zx1. While that model was weather-resistant, the Playsport is waterproof, able to record underwater down to 9.8 feet. There are other improvements, too, that make it a more capable pocket video camera–in and out of the water. So is Kodak back making cameras again? Not exactly, for the Zx3 super zoom/ bridge camera is one of the first such branded models created under license by JK Imaging, which sources its product from China, and also tells us Kodak still officially has a hand in overseeing its creations.

recoveDespite of having all amazing features, this Kodak camera is also not free from video loss issue. Video loss issue can be very frustrating and painful. It can be occur anywhere or at any point of time. So user must maintain the back up all stored photos. If you have a valid back up file, you can easily retrieve lost videos from Kodak PlaySport camera.

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