Simple Tips To Repair Corrupt AVI Header Effectively

Hi friends, myself Mike last night I went to friend’s wedding party and recorded a video with my digital camera. The video was recorded in AVI file format. I transfered that AVI file into PC but when I tried to play the video it is displaying various kinds of error messages although all the codecs are right. When I inspected it deeply it suggested me to Repair Corrupt AVI Header? Can any one help me to rectify this issue easily? Thanks !!!


Hello Mike, if you are getting error notifications while playing an AVI file. Then, don’t worry this post will definitely guide you to Repair Corrupt AVI Header in effective manner. Basically, header is the location of file that stores the main source of particular file on hard drive. To function properly every file needs header, these header files included details such as size of the file, date and time, last modified details and many more things. Therefore, if any of the mentioned header file gets damaged, corrupted or missing your video will not play which includes AVI files also. You probably be thinking what’s the reason for the corruption of AVI files header. Then, let me tell you some of the common reasons includes bad sectors on hard drive where AVI files are saved, virus infection, facing interruption when you download or install any AVI file, any kind of corruption in windows or Mac operating system and many more things.

However, there is good news for users, they can easily Repair Corrupt AVI Header by using a reliable and powerful third party tool. In the above scenario it is requested that you should take help of Video recovery software which is created by highly experienced professionals by using advanced algorithm technique. Video recovery software has a very user friendly interface which can be used by professional as well as amateur also in a hassle free manner and Repair Corrupt AVI Header safely. It will also show you the preview of video files in a structured way. This utility tool works without any interruption and supports all types of broken, corrupted or damaged AVI files. It is also compatible with all the versions of Windows and MAC operating system.

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