Recover Pictures from Locked Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

I have put a password in my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to protect my important data from unauthorized access. However, i have change the password of the phone last night because it was too old, but now i forget that password. Now the only thing i can do is to format my phone but doing this will wipe out all the data from it which i never want. So if there any way to recover pictures from locked Samsung Galaxy Smartphone then please suggest me. Thanks Read more

Recover Deleted Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Last night, my brother has mistakenly deleted photos folder in my Samsung Galaxy S Duos phone. I have captured those pictures from last tow years which contains lots of my memorable and emotional moment. I also forget to take backup of those pictures on my PC or somewhere else. So if is there safe way to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S Duos then please someone help me. Thanks in advance.. Read more

Retrieve Pictures from Water Damaged Samsung Galaxy

Yesterday when i was coming from my friends birthday i accidentally drop my Samsung Galaxy in water. After that i quickly put it out from the water and dry it but when i want to start it doesn’t refuse to start. I have stored lots of my important data specially the pictures of my school days. So if there any solution to retrieve pictures from water damaged Samsung Galaxy then please someone help me. Thanks.. Read more

Recover Lost Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S4 After Update

Last night when i lost my valuable data including my wedding pictures on my Samsung Galaxy S4 in the process of upgrading its operating system. I never has upgraded the operating system so i don’t know that it can delete data as well. Unfortunately i don’t have any kind of backup. So if anybody knows about how to recover lost pictures from Samsung Galaxy S4 after update then please let me know. Thanks… Read more

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