Retrieve Deleted Photos From HTC Desire 820S

Hi friends myself Samuel Christopher recently I’ve purchased HTC Desire 820S phone and clicked many fun loving and cherished moments with it. But, unfortunately my little sister accidentally pressed factory reset button which caused severe data loss. Is it possible to recover lost images? Does anyone know the simplest methods to retrieve deleted photos from HTC Desire 820S? Please Guide !! Thanks in advance.

Retrieve Deleted Photos From HTC Desire 820S

Hello, Samuel Christopher there’s no need to panic at all go through this article to retrieve deleted photos from HTC Desire 820S effectively. Well, HTC is world renowned brand for designing superb phones among them HTC Desire 820S stands out from the rest especially due to its impeccable appearance, mind blowing performance and crystal clear image quality. HTC Desire 820S has an outstanding 5.5 inch Capacitive touchscreen along with excellent 13 MP camera and Octa Core processor. This is the reason why it is being like by many smartphone user. However, like any other phone it is also prone to data loss situations. There are many circumstances when users have to suffer data loss in HTC Desire 820S. Let us see some common scenarios that might occur photo loss situation – virus or malware attack, formatting memory card unknowingly, damaged memory card, mobile broken or stolen, accidental deletion, unexpected device shut down etc. Losing your priceless pictures can be very awful and unpleasant. Therefore, it is necessary to retrieve deleted photos from HTC Desire 820S immediately.

Use Photo Recovery Software

Anyways, lets not exaggerate it much we do not have any intension to scare you. If you are one of those unlucky one’s then here’s a good news for you. Whatever may be the cause for photo loss you can retrieve deleted photos from HTC Desire 820S conveniently. What usually happens is that as soon as your photos gets detected they are not exactly removed from there, only the space where they have been stored are notable as blank for reuse. Therefore, we recommend you to stop using the phone quickly and don’t snap new photos because it will overwrite the deleted image space. After that, we suggest you to use a reliable and robust third party tool i.e Photo Recovery Software. This recovery tool not only retrieve deleted photos from HTC Desire 820S but, it also supports major smartphone companies like Sony, Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Asus, LG etc. Photo Recovery Software is also compatible with various types of image file formats like GIF, JPEG, RAW, BMP, PNG, TIFF etc.

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