Retrieve Deleted Photos After Facing Memory Card Error

Hi friends i am using a Digital camera and i have clicked lots of memorable pictures from it. The memory card of the camera is old and it has been used in many devices. But today when i try to store my pictures in PC it display The disk in drive is not formatted error. After that i formatted the memory card and all the pictures where deleted. Can i retrieve deleted photos after facing memory card error?

Memory card are considered as a best storage card which is used in lots of digital devices but where it gives you facility to store your data it also involves in the risk of data loss if it get damaged or start displaying error as mentioned in above scenario. Once you get the The disk in drive is not formatted error you have the only option to format the card. But after formatting users become helpless because they have lost their important pictures. If you are also suffering from such situation and want to retrieve deleted photos after facing memory card error then don’t get panic. You can try something before formatting the memory card such as change the card reader or change the USB port, remove your memory card and re-plug it. Also make sure that your system is not infected by any kind of virus because virus can prevent your card from accessing. So scan your PC with antivirus and again insert your memory card. But if you have already formatted it then you can get back your photos only if you have created a backup of them somewhere else.

There are lost of users who even don’t think about creating backup and when they get stuck in these situation they become desperate. Well, if you have also lost your pictures and if they really important for you then you can use some recovery utility. Photo recovery software is the trusted utility through which you can retrieve deleted photos after facing memory card error. This software is designed with latest technology and it is capable of recovering data from corrupted, damage or error displaying memory card.

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