Repair MOV When QuickTime Shows Green Screen

Are you trying to find a solution to Repair MOV When QuickTime Shows Green Screen ? You must be thinking that you will not be able to watch your favorite video again but that’s not true there is still a way that is given here in detail. So read the article carefully and follow the instructions to resolve the issue. One thing you should be clear about is that if you are facing this problem then your mov file has gone corrupted. The mov video format is the output from the camcorder that is saved in the memory card, you can also download this type of video from the internet. When you start playing the video only the green screen appears and nothing else at all. There must be any kind of interruption in the recording, downloading or even while transferring then your video file will get corrupted. If the storage medium where the videos were saved have any corruption issue of its own then it will affect the video file and as a result you need to repair MOV when QuickTime shows green screen.

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How to Fix MOV File After QuickTime Error 2048

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My friend has given me a video which is in MOV format but when want to open the file it displays “Error 2048”. i am very upset and don’t know how to fix MOV file after QuickTime Error 2048. can anyone have idea regarding this problem? Thanks.

Today watching videos has become our favorite thing specially when we are traveling. Many device uses different format of video and MOV is one of the best file format which has become popular between users. But like other video file format this too not free from problems. Many users have complained that they are getting “Error -2048: Couldn’t open the file because it is not a file that QuickTime understands” when they are trying to play the MOV video file. This brings a very infuriating moment for us when we are unable to play our favorite video. The main reason behind getting the error is corruption of MOV file. And in desperation we start finding the ways to Fix MOV File after QuickTime Error 2048.

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Guidelines Repair MOV File after Header Corruption      

Need to repair MOV file after header corruption? Well, header part is really very essential in MOV videos as it contains the first origin of the block. Moreover, it have some crucial information regarding your video like file size, file creation date, last modification etc. corruption in header file will makes your files complete unplayable. There are many reasons which can leads the users to such unfortunate situation such as virus infection, bad sector on storage media, incomplete file transferring, playing videos with unsupported media player and many more. Well, there is nothing to worry about as you can easily repair MOV file after header corruption.

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MOV Repair CRC Error Corruption

You have lots of MOV video files that are stored in the system drive and you like to watch them in free time. These videos are either recorded with the camcorder or have been downloaded from the internet. You have now discovered that some of the files are not playing properly and stops with an error. The error message that you get mentions the Crc corruption. So if you want to play that video again then MOV Repair CRC Error Corruption needs to be done. The common reason for the corruption is the incomplete downloading or the transferring of the file from other device. Some of the other possible reasons are related to the drive where the video files are saved, the drive may also get corrupted and as a result the video file get damaged. If the system closes abruptly while playing the videos then also the damage happens.

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