Recover Pictures from Virus Infected Memory Card

Last night i connected my memory card to my computer for saving some of my memorable pictures and after that i safely remove it. But when i try to open the memory card it doesn’t open. All the files becomes shortcut. Every time when i connect it to Windows system it says that the card contains virus. Is there any way to recover pictures from virus infected memory card?

Well, no need to worry if your memory gets infected with virus because in this post we will discuss about how to recover pictures from virus infected memory card, so read it carefully. Memory cards are used on a large level for storing data in various digital devices. It comes in different size and storage capacity and can hold lots of important data. However it is good habit to store a backup of your pictures and other important data in your computer but its unfortunate that while doing this we come across the data loss situation. Sometime the computer we are using to store data contains virus and if the memory card is connected with that infected computer then it also catch the virus and as a result data stored on it get corrupts. There are many users who come across this unwanted situation, so users are advised to always keep an antivirus in your system and if you already have that then keep it update always. Apart from virus there are some other reason which can lead the picture loss from memory card such as accidental deletion of pictures, forcefully formating the card, interruption while sharing data from memory card to some other device etc.

As a prevention you must have to stop using the memory card for writing any other data otherwise you cannot recover your previous data from it. In order to recover pictures from virus infected memory card you can make the use of some reliable recovery tool like Photo recovery software. This recovery program is designed by experts and it is able to get back data from virus infected, corrupted, damaged memory card easily. The Photo recovery software can recover data from almost all memory card from different companies.

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