Recover Pictures from Samsung Galaxy After Factory Reset

Have you lost your precious pictures from Samsung galaxy after factory reset? You don’t have backup of those data? Well, no need to worry because you are at the right place. Here you will be guide with easy steps from which you can recover pictures from Samsung galaxy after factory reset.

Android is one of the most used operating system in the world which is used in different mobiles and tablet. With the help of android phone users can capture wonderful photos of their family and friend. But it is unfortunate that Android devices are also not free from problem and data loss is one of the common issue which is faced by users. However, there are many users who accidentally reset their Android phone to factory settings when the phone start showing error or hangs. But this action will delete all the data present in the smartphone including the pictures. If you want to recover pictures from Samsung galaxy after factory reset then you must have to stop using it. Because doing this will overwrite the deleted space and in that case the data will not be retrieved. Apart form factory reset there are several reason which can lead to data loss in Android phone

  • Accidentally pressing the delete button is one of the common reason of data loss
  • Malware infection can corrupt data on Android phone and make them inaccessible
  • Formatting the Android phone will also wipe out all the data from it
  • Interruption while sharing the files to some other device can also result in data loss

The only solution to get back your deleted data from android phone is to make use of some reliable recovery tool. So if you also want to recover pictures from Samsung galaxy after factory reset then you can use the Photo recovery software. It is one of the professional recovery software which can recover any kind of data from any Android phone without depending on the reason of data loss. So it is recommended to use Photo recovery software in order to get back lost or deleted data from Android phone.

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