How to Recover Pictures from Folder Lock on Android

I have put some of my personal pictures in folder lock on my Android mobile to save it from unauthorized access. But unfortunately i forgot the password of the folder lock and i delete the folder lock app in order to get those pictures. But it was a big mistake because the pictures also get deleted with the app. Can anyone help me to recover pictures from folder lock on Android?

If you really want to recover pictures from folder lock on Android then read this post carefully. There are lots of application available for android mobile specially for securing its data and folder lock is one of the most used application in which users can hide their personal data including pictures, music, video etc. However the folder lock has a condition that if you want to uninstall the app then you have to first unlock all your pictures from it otherwise the data secured in the app will also get deleted with the un-installation. There are many novice users who does the mistake when they forgot he password they delete the app thinking about downloading the other one but it will result in picture lost. Apart from un-installation there are some other reason which can lead to data loss from folder lock like malfunction of the application, virus attack, file system corruption, restoring the phone to factory reset and more. So it is always helpful to have a backup of all your pictures to some other storage device.

Well, if you have done the mistake of uninstalling the folder lock application then no need to worry. You can still get back your lost pictures from android mobile with the help of some third party recovery tool. Photo recovery software is the best utility which can recover pictures from folder lock on Android. This software is designed after a research which is capable of recovering any type of pictures from android mobile regardless of in which reason the picture has been deleted or lost.

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