Recover Photos From GoPro Hero5 Camera After SONAR.Injector!gen9 Attack

Please help me!! I am stuck in a problem by losing precious picture files from GoPro Hero5 Camera. It all happened suddenly when I connected my camera to the Windows computer. Since, this Windows machine was infected with SONAR.Injector!gen9 virus and before removing the malware, I transferred all images captured using GoPro Hero5 Camera to the system. Due to this action, all images and some vital video files get corrupted. However, it will be very helpful for me if anyone suggests me to remove SONAR.Injector!gen9 and the best way to restore corrupted images on GoPro Hero5 Camera. Thanks in advance.”

Things To Know About GoPro Hero5 Camera

GoPro Hero5 Camera is one of the most reputed gadgets used to capture photos and record videos of high-definition quality with the finest resolution. This camera model is equipped with the features like image sensor, automatic white balance, waterproof protection, improved low light performance, shockproof protection, option for sharing video or picture files via built-in Wi-Fi functionality, full HD quality recording of videos, audio recording and so on. However, picture or video files saved on GoPro Hero5 Camera’s memory card might be lost due to attack of SONAR.Injector!gen9 virus. Here, it is important for you to understand that this threat belongs to the family of Trojan virus that has the ability to corrupt and delete some important files connected to the affected machine or saved onto the system’s hard drive as well.

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Note: Before moving for the GoPro Hero5 Camera photo recovery process, you need to delete SONAR.Injector!gen9 Trojan safely from your PC.

Other Reasons That Causes Photo Loss From GoPro Hero5 Camera

  • Mistaken deletion: While previewing captured images on GoPro Hero5 Camera, instead of removing unwanted image files, you may end up in selecting any vital video or photo and delete them without confirming.

  • Interruption during read or write process: Capturing or transferring photos from this camera may also cause the loss of data, if the process is interrupted due to abrupt removal of memory card attached to the camera, insufficient battery, etc.

  • Other valid reasons: Corruption in memory card file system, accidentally formatting the attached storage media, using same memory card on multiple devices, improper cut-copy-paste operation, etc. can result in photo loss.

How To Get Back Photos or Videos Deleted From GoPro Hero5 Camera?

Therefore, you should be aware of above mentioned scenarios while handling GoPro Hero5 Camera on Windows system to avoid loss of image files. These scenarios or attack of SONAR.Injector!gen9 threat and similar Trojan malware frequently occur with most of the camera users which makes them to lose valuable photo files. Fortunately, there is no need to be anxious about the lost picture files because it is very simple to recover them with the help of a good GoPro Hero5 Camera Photo Recovery Software. Follow the steps given below to start GoPro Hero5 Camera photo recovery process:

  • After downloading GoPro Hero5 Camera Photo Recovery Software on your machine, launch it immediately to perform the restoration process.

  • Select the media for recovery and click on ‘Start Scan’ button.

  • Once the tool scans the selected drive, it will show the recovered picture files.

  • Here, you need to select the desired photos that you need to restore and select the preferable location for saving the recovered files.

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