Guide to Recover Photo Video File Extensions

Have you ever encountered a situation where an error message shows up saying *** extension is not supported on this application***?

Is some of your photo or video files fails to respond?

Are you looking to fix them back? Well, then have patience and continue your reading. You will get complete information on how to recover photo video file extensions.

However, The problem of photo file extension is quite frequent, many a times while opening multimedia files you have to face some cumbersome error messages like, “file extension not supported”, “jpeg file not responding”, “unsupported format, .gif file not found”, “unable to play mov video”, etc. Now, at this situation you might say that why this many types of file formats are present for causing such trouble. The fact is that each files format is suitable for different tasks, they have their own encoding algorithm for the digital data they contain. If you look at the video file formats then the 3gp files have low resolution video while the video that you record from camcorder have .mov extension. Furthermore, flv video extension are used to play online video, etc.

Why Photo Video File Extension Gets Corrupted or Becomes Inaccessible?

There are many of reasons for photo video file extensions corruption. The most common among them is the human hinderance i.e. improper activity performed by we user’s that results in inaccessibility. In addition, there are other causes too like incomplete downloading, storage drive corruption issue, virus infection, etc. Now, in all such situation user have to face cumbersome situation of data loss.

What Next?

Well, don’t worry! If your photo file extension fails to respond. As there is the solution for you. You can easily be able to recover photo video file extensions. So, have patience and just continue your reading. The easiest way to fix photo video file extension is to have an updated backup. But, due to lack of awarness, many of user’s fails to avail this very feature. And, hence they fails to retrieve lost photo video file extensions. So, in such case you need to rely on an effective and reliable recovery tool.

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More on Photo Recovery Software

Since, the tool has been well developed in the light of highly qualified, experienced developers. And, its advance algorithm will really proves to boon for you. One can easily be able to recover photo video file extensions within few minutes depending upon the file size. So, no matter what the reasons behind the file corruption, using this highly sophisticated & safe photo recovery software you can regain access to your lost, corrupted or deleted photo video file formats.

Supported Image Format:- jpg, bmp, png, ico, crw, cr2, kdc, nef, etc.

Supported Video Format:- mp4, mov, mkv, 3gp, avi, flv, etc.

List Photo Video File Extensions and Its Recovery Using Photo Recovery Software

Photo File Extension
Video File Extension
JPEG/JPG Recovery
AVI Recovery
GIF Recovery
MTS Recovery
PNG Recovery
MOV Recovery
TIF / TIFF Recovery
MPEG Recovery
BMP Recovery
MP4 Recovery
CRW Recovery
3GP Recovery
NEF Recovery
MKV Recovery
ORF Recovery
FLV Recovery
KDC Recovery
VOB Recovery

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