Recover Deleted Pictures from Samsung Galaxy S Duos

Last night, my brother has mistakenly deleted photos folder in my Samsung Galaxy S Duos phone. I have captured those pictures from last tow years which contains lots of my memorable and emotional moment. I also forget to take backup of those pictures on my PC or somewhere else. So if is there safe way to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S Duos then please someone help me. Thanks in advance..

Pictures stored on Samsung Galaxy S Duos can accidentally get deleted by the users mistake or impatience. Pictures has its own place and it is very important for everybody because it contains those golden memories which rarely comes in our life. So it is necessary for everyone to have a backup of those memories because no one knows when we have to face some uncertain situation and the pictures get permanently loss. There are number of users who accidentally deleted their pictures from smartphone and after that they become desperate about recover them. Before we talk about how to recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S Duos lets see some more common reason which can lead to loss of photos in Samsung Galaxy S Duos.

  • Formatting the storage media of Samsung Galaxy S Duos unintentionally lead to photo loss
  • Resetting the smartphone to factory setting can wipe out all the data from it
  • Pictures can also get lost due to abrupt removal of memory card from the smartphone
  • Malware or virus infection is another a common reason of picture lost from smartphone
  • Sometime interruption while sharing the pictures can also result in image loss

Well, now if we talk about the recovery of the deleted pictures. If you have lost pictures from your smartphone then the first thing you have to do it stop using the device anymore. After that go for some recovery utility such as Photo recovery software. It is an outstanding tool which is used by many users and it can easily recover deleted pictures from Samsung Galaxy S Duos. This utility can be used to recover pictures from almost all the popular brand of Android smartphone and from the different version of operating system .

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