Recover Deleted Pictures from Sony 8 GB MicroSDHC


Have you ever accidentally deleted your precious pictures. Videos and other important stuffs from Sony 8 GB MicroSDHC memory card. Are you desperate to recover deleted pictures from Sony 8 GB MicroSDHC memory card? Then you have come to the right place?

Sony 8 GB MicroSDHCSony is a an electronic flash memory card which is used to store all pictures, videos, audio and other stuffs. It can be used by various digital devices like digital cameras, smartphones, video games console, MP3 player etc. As its name indicates, it supports up to 8 GB memory storage. But similar to other memory card, Sony 8 GB MicroSDHC is also prone to photo loss issue. Once your photos gets deleted or other data from memory card, it will be really painful and heart breaking. But you don’t know to worry as nothing is impossible in this advance technology. Actually when data gets deleted from Sony memory card due to any reason it won’t goes forever infact your data are still on the original place but you cannot view them since file system has marked them blank space. Hence in order to recover deleted pictures from Sony 8 GB MicroSDHC keep in mind card is no longer in used stop writing any new data on it.

Possible causes behind data loss from memory card

  • Accidental deletion of photos
  •  Unintentional formatting of memory card
  •  Corruption in memory card due to virus attack
  •  Eject memory card from the device improperly.
  •  Interruption while transferring data from memory card to PC.

Methods to Recover deleted pictures from Sony 8 GB MicroSDHC

In order to recover deleted pictures from Sony 8 GB MicroSDHC memory card, you can take help of valid backup file which are stored at the some corner of your computer. Unfortunately if you don’t have backup file then you should rely on a powerful tool called photo recovery software. This tool is compatible with almost windows system and MAC also. It is having strong capabilities to retrieve all deleted data from any device including memory card also.

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