Recover Deleted Picture from HTC Desire 620 G

recover photos from htc 620

HTC desire is known for its quality mobiles at an affordable price and the HTC Desire 620 G is just another example of it. You get a hd screen with boom sound speakers that is good for entertainment purposes. You also get a highly capable camera that can capture all your moments in high quality. You have the option that either you save these photos in the internal or external memory. However there are chances of mishap and the photos can get deleted due to the mistake of the user. He may press delete some photo while viewing them or delete the whole folder that contained the images. The deleted photos can not be found anywhere in the mobile storage as there is not trash or recycle bin option in the Android operating system that is running in the mobile phone. So you need to look for other options to recover deleted pictures from HTC Desire 620 G.

The recovery should be performed just after you have discovered the photos loss on the device as this increase the chances of complete recovery. However any available backup can be of great help for you as you can quickly recover deleted pictures from HTC Desire 620 G. If backup is not available then you need a recovery tool that can scan the storage of the mobile for the deleted photos. You should not use the memory space until the recovery is done because this will overwrite the previous deleted files and make the recovery little difficult. So you should perform the recovery immediately, as the scan is complete you get the list of files. You just need to select them and provide the location where the files will be restored. So don’t you bother much download the software and recover deleted pictures from HTC Desire 620 G whenever you want.

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