Recover Corrupted Pictures from HTC Desire 728G

Hello! I had purchased HTC Desire 728G android phone last month and it contains lots of my memorable pictures. Last night i decided to save those pictures in my Windows PC but while the transfer process suddenly some error occurred and the transfer stops. After that when i try to open pictures in my mobile they didn’t open. All my pictures get corrupted. Can i recover corrupted pictures from HTC Desire 728G?

Well, you are not the first one who come across this situation, there are many users who have faced this situation so you don’t have to worry and read this post to recover corrupted pictures from HTC Desire 728G. HTC Desire 728G is the latest smartphone launched by HTC which contains lots of amazing features. However, it consist many features but the camera of tis phone is liked by many users and they use to click there every memorable moment with it. But like other digital devices smartphone are also prone to data loss so it is a good habit to create a backup of your pictures. But unfortunately while creating backup users can also face data loss situation as mentioned above. But this is not the single reason behind the loss of pictures from android phone there are some other reason which can lead this cumbersome situation. Some of them are listed below

  • Accidentally taping the delete all button can delete all the pictures from HTC Desire 728G
  • Unintentionally formatting the phone or memory card is also a common reason behind deletion of pictures
  • Malfunction of software can also cause loss of pictures in HTC Desire 728G
  • Resetting the phone to factory setting can also result in loss of pictures in HTC Desire 728G

This is very annoying situation but users have to not lose there patience and it is also advised to immediately stop using the phone for clicking any new pictures because doing so can cover the empty space of the previous data and they can’t be recover anymore. In order to recover corrupted pictures from HTC Desire 728G you can use the Photo recovery software which is one of the trusted software which can easily recover deleted, corrupted or lost pictures from HTC Desire 728G and any other android phone.

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