Recover Canon CRW and CR2 Photo Files

Have you accidentally deleted CRW and CR2 photo files from your camera? Do you want to recover CRW and CR2 photo files? If yes then you have reached the right place. This post will guide you with easy steps through which you can get back your lost Canon CRW and CR2 photo files. So read this post carefully…

Well, first of all you must know that you are not alone who is facing this issue. There are many canon users who have suffer this problem. If we talk about the most trusted and popular camera then then there is nothing like Canon. Every digital camera stores its files in some specific format and the Canon use to save CRW and CR2 RAW image file formats to save images. There are many users who use Canon camera to capture their special moments. But as it gets the popularity the problems of this device also get increased and one of the common and big problem is deletion of photos. There are number of users who are searching on the Internet about how to recover Canon CRW and CR2 photo files. However there should be variant reason behind the deletion of the photos from Canon camera but here we will see some of the common reason

  • Accidental deletion of photos by unintentionally pressing the Delete all button
  • Damage of the images due to virus infection will make the image inaccessible
  • Mishandling the camera is also the common reason behind the deletion
  • Forcefully ejecting the memory card while the transfer is in progress and
  • Switching off the camera when the reading or writing process is in progress

All the above given reason are the prominent reason behind the deletion of photos from the Canon camera but if you have created backup then you can easily get them back. There are many users who don’t even think about creating backup so if they want to recover images then they have to take help of some third party utility like Photo recovery software. It is the reliable recovery tool which can easily recover Canon CRW and CR2 photo files.

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