MTS Recovery: Recover MTS Video Files Effectively

Recently, I erased certain .mts video files from one of my SD card in order to make some free space. Whereas when later I tried to get them back but, I couldn’t do so. I want assistance for MTS Recovery. So, kindly help!!

How Can I Restore Deleted AVCHD File?

This type of incident may happen with anybody in day to day life, so the point is, does there any option to bring lost videos back? MTS is mainly a file extension(.mts) for high definition video which is also referred as AVCHD video that is used in Panasonic, Sony, JVC and many other camcorders. But, mishaps might happen in this very video file which result in disappearance of all your lovable video in a go. Though there could be various reasons liable for MTS file corruption. So, let’s have a look on some of the probable factors behind it and the way for MTS recovery.

Factors Responsible for MTS File Corruption /Deletion

  • Intentional or unintensional deletion of video files.
  • Due to inappropriate way of transferring file.
  • When video get corrupted because of several causes.
  • Recording video in low battery signal.
  • Mistakenly formatting of memory card, etc.

Best Way for MTS Video Recovery

After video gets corrupted and deleted then, it only turns unplayable from its original location which means it inaccessible. However, this does not mean that video has been vanished from the existing memory. But, its actual file still exist in that particular storage space unless it not get overwritten by newer one. Therefore, MTS Recovery is very much possible. Now the question again arises how to recover MTS video files? Well, then there are two possible ways by which one can perform the recovery process, i.e. manual and by the use of third party software. But, the first step requires some sorts of experties knowledge. So, i decided not to consider it in my post and jump toward second option i.e. by the use of third party software.

Recovering AVCHD with Photo Recovery Software

Photo Recovery Software provides recovery of erased or formatted MTS (AVCHD) video in effective manner. Many of us think whether the tool is capable or not for corrupt mts repair, no need to confused because this outstanding software recovering of damaged video as well. It executes scanning of damaged video with its robust and sophisticated scan mechanism and then after scanning it allows restoring of corrupted video successfully. Moreover, one can preview recovered files thereby one can make selection of desired items to be restored. So, this all in one solution to repair .mts file. Go for it now!!

Striking Features of Recovery Software at a Glance

  • Allows efficient and successful way for MTS Recovery.
  • Recover damaged or deleted MTS file from memory card, hard disk or other storage location.
  • It offers interactive interface in order to make the MTS file recovery even more easier.

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MTS Recovery Software :  User Guide

MTS Recovery Software is one of the best in the segment to recover lost or deleted video files of your camcorders such as Sony, Samsung etc. You may lost your valuable memories which has been captured into your digital cameras and camcorders but due to some of the reasons you have just lost or deleted all of them. Then do not panic use MTS Recovery Software to retrieve all your lost files instantly from your device. You can follow the below given installation steps to use it on your PC.

MTS Recovery Software : Easy And Quick Installation Steps

For Windows

Step 1. The homepage of the software is represented as you watching. After following installation on your PC click on the recover video option.

Step 2. Here is the list of all the media and drives which is attached with your system. Choose the desired drive or media for recovery process.

Step 3. You can select your desired file formats from the list and then click on the start scan now button.

Step 4. The scan process  is running and searching your lost or deleted files.

Step 5. After following the successful scan process it shows the list of all the recovered files.

Step 6. Select your desired drive or storage location where you want to save the recovered files or videos.

For Mac 

Step 1. You can see the homepage of the MTS Recovery Software. Here you have to select recover photos, Audios & Videos option.

Step 2. Here you can select from the listed drives and media of your system. Then after selecting the desired drive click on the scan now button.

Step 3.  The scan process is running by the software on your selected location.

Step 4. After complete the scan process all the recovered files displayed as a list.

Step 5. You can select the location where you want to save your recovered videos.

Help to Repair Corrupted .mts Video File

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