MTS file Recovery : Recover Your Deleted/Lost/Damaged/Corrupt MTS Files Easily

Is mts file recovery possible? Can anyone suggest me how to recover mts file? Somehow, my .mts files got deleted from my camcorder memory card. To recover them I have tried various mts file recovery solution but each time fail to do so. Please help my anyone by delivering best mts recovery solution. Any effective and working solution will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!.

As we know that the videos of life time all events owe a very special place in heart and its loss can be heartbreaking. The fact cannot be easily denied that the loss of mts file is inevitable. There are various situation that leads to the deletion of MTS file and that time need of mts file recovery is required. Before knowing about the mts file recovery solution, know about the related aspects of mts file.

Know About MTS File and It’s Important Characteristics

MTS file is a representative file extension of the Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD) used by user to store the HD videos. Now-a-days, this file format is supported on the wide range of various storage devices including HD cameras, System, camcorder and various other devices. This file format supports the 1080i and 720p videos that contain audios, videos and other crucial data. First of all MTS was created by the Panasonic and Samsung as a great file format used for camcorders when recording any videos. To know more about MTS file and it’s related extension, you can visit it’s wikipedia link.


Features Associated with MTS Files

MTS file is regarded as the basic file format compatible with the AVCHD camcorders. This file format allows people to grab the beautiful and high quality videos that later can be transferred to System. Some of the video camera developers comes with the specialized software that allows user to easily and quickly modify video. Actually it is based on MPEG-2 transport that supported HD quality, this is why, most of the HD camcorder use it as their default file format. The size of this file format is large because it record video upto 1920*1080 FHD resolution. Despite of it’s all helpful feature, it also prone to data and file loss.

Scenarios Tending in MTS File Deletion, Inaccessibility & Corruption

Behind the mts file deletion, there are numerous reasons responsible, some of the most common are listed below :

  • Use of any malware contaminated SD card, flash device or pen drive.
  • Unnecessary formatting of disk drive and SD card.
  • Accidental deletion of MTS file from PC
  • Abrupt ejection of SD card while transferring data from pen drive to PC or other device.
  • Playing of mts files on the unsupported software or media player.
  • Modifying file extension to edit or execute mts video on other storage device etc.

Apart from the aforementioned reasons, there are several other factors responsible behind the mts file deletion or inaccessibility. Once your mts files get corrupt, lost, damaged or deleted due to any reason, you may get some error message while accessing your mts file.

Error Messages Occurs After Deletion of MTS File


  • “Cannot open MTS video file”
  • “Windows did not detect a disk”
  • “Disk is not formatted”
  • “Problem with .mts file: incorrect length”
  • “An error occurred loading .mts file”

Above mentioned error messages indicates about the corruption mts files. At that situation, you must perform mts file recovery solution to restore mts file easily.

List of Software That Opens MTS Files



For Windows For Mac
  • GOM player
  • VLC Player
  • Corel Video Studio
  • Grass Valley Edius
  • Cyberlink power DVD
  • Windows Media Player
  • Magix Movie Edit Plus
  • The Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2
  • VLC
  • Roxio Toast 11
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Elgato turbo.264 HD


Safeguard Tips To Prevent MTS Files Loss For Future


  1. Avoid to eject sd card card when it is in the use.
  2. Don’t click videos or images when the battery level is low.
  3. Be very careful while deleting any unwanted files.
  4. Avoid to use ‘Shift+Del’ key to delete any thing.
  5. Handle your camera very carefully.
  6. Opt only suitable and perfect mts file recovery tool.
  7. Always remove sd card from the slot very carefully.
  8. Keep a backup copy of your all valuable videos and mts files.

MTS File Recovery is Possible Using Third-Party Tool.

Yes, you heard right, mts file recovery is possible by third-party utility. To perform mts file recovery, there are numerous third-party tool available, some of them are free and some are paid. Here, you will get information about four best mts file recovery tool that mentioned below :

Before getting details about all listed software, let’s look at the differences between two most popular and widely used mts file recovery tool.

Comparison Table Between Stellar & Remo MTS Recovery Software

Comparison Contents Stellar Remo
Supported Win Versions
Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP
Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008 and Server 2012
Supported Mac Versions
MacOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6
Mac OS X 10.5 , 10.6 , 10.7 ,10.8 & 10.9 Mavericks
1 GB Minimum
1 GB RAM (Recommended, 2 GB RAM)
Free Disk Space
100 MB of Free Space
50 MB (for installation)
Download For Win
Download For Mac

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software : Professional MTS Recovery Utility

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery utility is regarded as the most comprehensive and reliable MTS file recovery utility that recovers almost all deleted, lost, corrupt, inaccessible or damaged mts file. This mts file recovery tool is really very easy and simple to use. It is designed to recover mts files whether you delete them accidentally or intentionally. This utility is really helpful in recovering several multimedia and digital files. Being featured with great and attractive interface, this software is regraded as one of the best mts file recovery tool. It has been specifically designed and created by the professional expert using advanced algorithm so that it can successfully perform mts file recovery and help people to retrieve their MTS files in the original file format.

Relevant Features Associated with Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Tool

  • Advance extract thumbnails option to repair corrupt mts files.
  • New enhanced and improved scanning engine.
  • Supported several file format.
  • Comes with Add File Headers option.
  • Comes with instructive very easy-to-use interface with the Resize option and many more.

Step By Step Procedure To Perform MTS File Recovery Via Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Tool (For Windows User)

    • The homepage of the software is represented as you watching. After following installation on your PC click on the recover video option.

    • Here is the list of all the media and drives which is attached with your system. Choose the desired drive or media for recovery process.

    • You can select your desired file formats from the list and then click on the start scan now button.
    • The scan process  is running and searching your lost or deleted files.

    • After following the successful scan process it shows the list of all the recovered files.

    • Select your desired drive or storage location where you want to save the recovered files or videos.

Step By Step Procedure To Perform MTS File Recovery Via Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Tool (For Mac User)

    • You can see the homepage of the MTS Recovery Software. Here you have to select recover photos, Audios & Videos option.

    • Here you can select from the listed drives and media of your system. Then after selecting the desired drive click on the scan now button.

    • The scan process is running by the software on your selected location.

    • After complete the scan process all the recovered files displayed as a list.

    • You can select the location where you want to save your recovered videos.

Remo Recovery Software : Yet Professional MTS file Recovery Tool

Remo Recovery Software is regarded as one of the most powerful and efficient mts file recovery utility that compatible to works with several types of storage devices or digital card readers. It works well with both Windows as well as Mac system. This software ensures the safe and easy mts file recovery by storing all original videos and photos intact. Does not matter, how you lost your mts file, you can easily recover them with the help of this utility. It comes with an intuitive user-friendly interface that can be easily operate by even a novice or non-technical System users. It has inbuilt an advanced and powerful scanning algorithms that make it too much possible to accomplish user’s tasks. This mts file recovery tool is really a cost effective utility that helps users to restore other file types along with the images.

Helpful Features of Remo Photo Recovery Software

  • Recovers all deleted lost mts files easily.
  • Identifies and recovers several file types based on their unique signatures.
  • Recovered mts files based on date, name, mts file size and file type.
  • Restores ‘Shift’ deleted mts files from recycle bin or trash.
  • Ensure hassle free recovery with simple interface
  • Comes with advanced scanning algorithm and much more.

Steps To Perform MTS File Recovery Using Remo Recovery Tool (For Both Windows & Mac User)

    • To initiate mts file recovery, firs of all you have to download and install Remo Recovery Software on your System.


  • On the successful installation, launch it. From the main interface, click on ‘Media Edition’ that will help you to recover all deleted, lost, inaccessible, formatted or corrupt mts files.

  • On Next window, choose camcorder sd card from where you want to recover your deleted .mts file and then after click on ‘Next’ button to initiate the scanning procedure of drive.

  • Upon the successful scanning, this tool will display the list of retrieved files in two mode including ‘Data View’ and ‘File Type View’.

  • Now, select the mts file that you really want to recover and then click on ‘Save’ icon to store them at your preferable drive location.

Yodot Recovery Software (Paid) – Alternative MTS File Recovery Utility

MTS file recovery is really possible using the Yodot Photo Recovery Tool because it is capable of restoring all deleted, corrupt, inaccessible, damaged, formatted or lost mts file easily. To recover files, first of all, it performs deep scan so that no any files can remain from scanning procedure and restore all deleted mts files and folders instantly. This utility is designed by the well experienced professionals using advanced algorithm. It claims to offer great features in terms of mts file recovery. To work with this tool, user don’t need too much technical knowledge and skills. With it’s simple interface, you can easily use it and perform successful mts file recovery procedure. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac System, thus no need to think about the compatibility issue. You can easily use Yodot Recovery Software to perform mts file recovery without any hassle.

Features Associated with Yodot Recovery Software

  • Performs fast and secure MTS file recovery.
  • Provides two recovery options.
  • Comes with several great features and interactive interface.
  • Allows to see the preview of mts files before restoration.
  • Recover from formatted volumes, any sort of drive, emptied trash and much more.

Procedure To Carry Out on Windows PC For Performing MTS File Recovery

    • To initiate mts file recovery, firstly download and install Yodot recovery tool on your Windows Operating System.

  • Now, launch this utility and choose an option between ‘Deleted Photo Recovery’ and ‘Lost Photo Recovery’.

  • On the next window, you have to select the drive from where mts file has to be recovered and then after click on ‘Next’ button and follow the further procedure carefully.

  • Follow step by step further procedure carefully and click on ‘Next’ button.
  • Then it scans mts files and displays search results in ‘File Type View’ and ‘Data View’.

  • See the Preview, choose your preferable mts file and then after click on recover button to recover them.

  • Lastly save your recovered mts file by using ‘Save’ option at your preferable location.

Procedure To Carry Out on Mac PC For Performing MTS File Recovery

    • Before starting the procedure of MTS file recovery, download & install Yodot Mac Photo Recovery software on Mac System.

  • After installing it, follow the step by step further procedure very carefully.

  • From the main interface, you have to choose an option between ‘Recover Deleted Files’ and ‘Recover Lost Files’.

  • On the next window, choose volume/drive from where deleted mts files to be recovered and then click on Scan button to initiate the scanning procedure.
  • The scanning progress bar will be displayed on your screen. You have to wait until the scanning procedure to be completed.

  • Upon the successful scanning, lits of all detected mts file will be displayed on your screen.
  • See the preview of mts files and click on recover button after selecting one or multiple files.
  • Lastly, choose your preferable destination or location to save your recovered files.

UNDELETE 360 Data Recovery Software (Free) : Cost-Free MTS File Recovery Software

UNDELETE 360 Data Recovery Software is considered as one of the cost-free mts file recovery software used to restore intentionally or unintentionally deleted files from several storage medium. This cost-free utility is built on the very efficient and fast algorithm. It helps people to browse, search and recover mts files that get deleted, inaccessible, corrupt, damaged or formatted due to any reasons, Such a free utility supports both folder and file recovery. It scans your drive deeply, once scanning is completed, it will present you list of all files. So that you can easily select your preferable ones and recover them in just short period of time. In terms of mts file recovery, this free utility is really regarding as one of the most efficient and effective mts file recovery software.

Advantages of UNDELETE 360 Data Recovery Software

  • Easily perform mts file recovery
  • Recover files deleted from USB, hard drives, memory stick and other storage devices.
  • Recover accidental deleted mts files easily
  • Recovers files easily that deleted by malware.
  • Helpful for mts file recovery that get deleted by ‘Shift+Del’ key.
  • Cost-free mts file recovery utility.

Disadvantages of UNDELETE 360 Data Recovery Software

  • Can’t perform deep scan
  • Unable to recover the over written mts files.
  • Don’t provide opportunity to see the preview of recovered mts files etc.

Steps To Perform MTS File Recovery Using UNDELETE 360 Data Recovery Software

  • Download & Install UNDELETE 360 Data Recovery Software from it’s official domain.
  • Upon the successful installation, follow it’s step by step procedure carefully.
  • Click on Search box and then after click on Scan button to initiate the scanning procedure.
  • On the next window, choose USB flash drive, partition or other storage drive that you really want to restore deleted files from it.
  • Now, click on Start button to start searching about deleted data.
  • Once scanning is completed, you will see the all types of deleted files from selected partition or drive.
  • Select your preferable mts files, mark them and then after click on ‘Recover’ button.
  • Lastly, you have to determinate the destination to save recovered mts files.

Download UNDELETE 360 Data Recovery Software

Final Words In Terms of MTS File Recovery :

This post contains all aspects related to mts file recovery. From the aforementioned paragraphs, you will get familiar with the mts file recovery software that will definitely help you to recover your mts file that get deleted due to any reasons. Here, one cost-free and 3 paid software is described, you can use anyone and perform mts file recovery so that you can recover your mts files.

Confused in Choosing Best One MTS File Recovery Tool?

Above mentioned all free and paid mts file recovery software are really very effective but which one is best is really one of the mostly asked question by several people. If you are also confused in choosing a best mts file recovery tool then you professional experts are highly recommended to opt Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software. This software is featured with several great and advanced features that allows people to perform mts file recovery easily and recover them without any issue. This is a product on a well-reputed brand ‘Stellar’ who has more than 2 millions customers. The excellent thing about this utility is it’s user-friendly interface and compatibility that make it compatible for both Windows and Mac System.

Installation Guide of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

      • To initiate MTS file recovery procedure, first of all download Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software on your PC.


    • After installing it, double click on it’s executable file.

    • After that drag the Stellar software into ‘Application’ folder.

  • Now, double click on the shortcut icon to execute. If the confirmation message will prompted on your desktop screen, just click on ‘Open’ button.
  • On the next window, you have to accept software license and then click on ‘I Agree’ button for proceeding further procedure.
  • Upon the successful installation procedure, you can see initializing progress bar.