Retrieve Deleted Photos After Facing Memory Card Error

Hi friends i am using a Digital camera and i have clicked lots of memorable pictures from it. The memory card of the camera is old and it has been used in many devices. But today when i try to store my pictures in PC it display The disk in drive is not formatted error. After that i formatted the memory card and all the pictures where deleted. Can i retrieve deleted photos after facing memory card error? Read more

How to Retrieve Pictures from Dead Memory Card

Hi friends i am in a problem and need your help. Actually i am using a 8 GB memory card in my Android phone and it has lots of data. I always use that memory card in several devices to transfer data, but last night it become dead. I had store my memorable pictures which i don’t want to lose. So if anybody knows about How to retrieve pictures from dead memory card then please help me. Thanks Read more

Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Card of Sony Camera

Hi everyone, i have got stuck in a arduous problem and need your help. Actually photographing is my hobby and i have clicked some important pictures from my Sony camera which are saved on its external memory card. The memory of the camera get full so i decided to remove some data to free space. But while removing unwanted files i accidentally delete all my pictures. I don’t have backup of those pictures. So if you have any suggestion to recover deleted photos from memory card of Sony camera then help me please. Read more

Get Data from Damaged Android SD Card

“I have just returned from a tour where i had capture lots of images from my Android phone. But today when i attached the phone with my computer to save those memorable moments i get shocked to see that the computer refuse to detect the memory card it only detects the android storage device. Some friend has suggested that my SD card is damaged. Can i get data from damaged Android SD card?” Read more

Recover Deleted Pictures from SD Card on Samsung Galaxy S3

“Last night i unintentionally deleted Pictures from SD Card on Samsung Galaxy S3. Actually i was trying to delete some unwanted pictures to release some space but i accidentally clicked on the Delete all button. All my important pictures are deleted which i never thought to lost. Can anyone help me out to recover deleted pictures from SD card on Samsung Galaxy S3?” Read more

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