Recover Deleted Data From Samsung EVO Micro SD Card

A memory card or flash drive is an electronic flash memory data removal storage device used in mostly every digital cameras, cell phone and personal computers, music players, video game consoles, and other electronics gadgets. It has high rerecord capability, power free storage, small form factor, and rugged environmental specifications. All files like videos, music, photos stored in memory card might have been lost due to dis operation or unintentional actions. This article will guide you how to recovery memory card if corrupted or data loss by using Photo Recovery Software. It is very easily get lost data back in Samsung EVO memory cards. This tutorial can be also used to recover deleted files from external hard drive, USB flash drive, and some other storage devices. However, there are many possibilities by which memory card may result in this particular error issue on

  • Abrupt ejection of memory card

  • Sudden Interruption while transferring files

  • Stored of some damaged data on SD card

  • Due to severe malware infection or spyware attack

  • Presence of bad sector on memory card

  • Mistaken by user

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Recover Pictures from Nikon Compact Flash Card

I borrowed my friend DSLR camera to shoot some pictures of my college trip. I have taken lots of beautiful pictures from it but when i return home and was previewing those pictures i accidentally press the delete all button which result in the deletion of pictures. The pictures where saved on the Nikon Compact Flash Card. Now if anybody knows how to recover pictures from Nikon compact flash card then please tell me. Read more

Guidelines for Lexar Professional 64GB SDXC Card Recovery

Hello friends my name is David, last month i have purchased lexar professional 64GB SDXC Card for storing all my important data. I inserted this sd card in my digital camera and went on a trip with my office friends. There i captured lot of photos and videos which get stored in the sd card of camera. But i notice that the all data from my sd card became lost. So please provide me help for lexar professional 64GB SDXC card recovery.

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Easy Way to Fix Memory Card Not Initialized Error

memory card not initialized error

memory card not initialized error

Hey there, Is there any possible way to retrieve the precious pictures from non-responding memory card? During my last trip to Italy I have captured lots of images which was stored in a memory card. All was OK and it was working well. Don’t why I’m getting memory card not initialized error but want to fix the issue soon. How can I do so? Please help!!!

Yes, definitely you can fix memory card not initialized error and easily recover your priceless photos. Nowadays, memory card has become most desirable storage media to store important documents, media files and other essential files. With the increasing demand for Smartphones and DSLRs needs for memory card is also increasing. Memory card is used on all digital cameras and mobile phones to captured stored images, video, files etc as they are quite reliable, easily accessible and offer high storage capacity. In spite of so advance features sometimes users encounter severals error such as memory card not initialized error which really bother. When such error occurs you are not able to access the files stored in there. Many of you might thinks that you can’t get your precious pictures or priceless document files but you needs not to worry as you can easily fix the issue and then after recover the lost file.

Prominent causes for memory card not initialized error

  • Abrupt memory card ejection
  • Several malware attack.
  • Incomplete file transfer.
  • Continuous use even after memory card is full
  • Unexpected device shutdown when memory card is in use.

Easy Solution to fix memory card not initialized error

No matter what the reasons but soon after you encounter such error you should stop using the memory card further to avoid overwrite as overwriting makes your data lost forever. However, you may try manual steps but you need to be technically strong. But if still you are getting same error then you needs to format your card. You might be worried about your data but using effective recovery tool you can easily bring back your data. Photo Recovery Software is an reliable and effective recovery tool that lets you to recover lost files in hassle-free way. The tool has been designed by experienced professionals that comes with instructive and simple interface so that even beginners can use it in easy manner. Moreover, the tool is compatible with latest versions of Mac and Windows. Furthermore, the tool is has powerful algorithm that can easily recover deleted, formatted and even from severely corrupted memory card. Hence, if you are one of those who are looking for an effective way to recover data which gets deleted in order to fix memory card not initialized error then Photo Recovery Software is ultimate solution.

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Guidelines to Recover lost photo from CF Card

What is the best way to recover lost photo from CF card?I have accidentally deleted all precious photos of mine while transferring photos from CF card to PC? Is there any quick way to recover them back? Please help me.

CF card or compact flash card is a famous flash digital memory card. Its susceptibility are usually from  from 128 MB to 64 GB. It has large size when compared to other storage devices like Memory stick, SD card, smart media etc. thats why it is widely used by digital cameras. CF card not only keeps your data safe as well as enable you to transfer files from one device to another device very easily. Like other memory card the data stored on CF card gets corrupted or lost due to various reason. Once this CF card gets corrupted, you will not be able to access your data further. If you try to plug the memory card to your device and access the data then it will through some error message like card cannot be used, Read Error/Write Error, card not initialized, etc and with the presence of this error you will be failed to access data. So you should stop using the memory card instantly if you want to recover lost photo from CF card.

Possible reason behind the data loss from CF card

  • Corruption of memory card
  • Memory card is not formatted properly
  • Faulty card reader
  • The file system is damaged
  • Attack of virus and malware infection
  • Power surges Pulling out the memory card without switching the camera off.
  • Disk structure corruption of the memory card

Ways to retrieve files from CF card

In order to get all precious photos of yours, you can take help from third party tool that is photo recovery software. It comes with powerful scanning algorithm that repair the corrupted or damaged memory card and recover all lost photos from memory card effectively and quickly. Hence if you are looking for a reliable solution to recover lost photos from CF card, then photo recovery software could be best solution for you.

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