HTC One Max Video File Recovery : Helpful Guide


Hello everyone, i have purchased HTC One Max smartphone last month and yesterday on my brother’s birthday i captured some videos. But now when i try to open that captured videos it was not there and shows the error message. Therefore i really need your help to perform HTC One Max video file recovery so that i will be able to get back the all lost videos. Thanks for your help.

Hi there, on the basis on your information i got a conclusion that the captured video files from your HTC One Max smartphone might be deleted or corrupted. But you don’t get worried anymore after coming to this place. Here you will ge complete help that makes the HTC One Max video file recovery process quite easy. Well, the HTC One Max is really very well featured and technologically rich smartphone. Using this camera the high resolution videos can be captured. But lot of user who having this smartphone are often facing video, audio or image loss situation. So the best advice for all users is to keep backup of all the data. Moving further to the causes of video file corruption or deletion from HTC One Max smartphone.

Causes for the loss of video file

  • Unintended deletion : Usually people deleted the video files from smartphone in order to deleting unnecessary files.
  • Virus invasion : If your smartphone is affected by the harmful virus then this may deleted the stored any file.
  • Factory reset : When user performs factory reset option for solving the phone freezing problem the stored file will be erased.
  • Logical error : Updating apps improperly, downloading unreliable programs, rooting the mobile
  • Memory card corruption : Ejection of memory card while file sharing may corrupt the stored file.

Use Photo recovery software :

The magical solution to perform HTC One Max video file recovery is Photo recovery software. It is designed in such a way that any user can handle it without any trouble. Use of this software can recover all items from your phone which was deleted or corrupted due any above causes.

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