How to retrieve pictures from HTC Desire Eye

retrieve pictures from HTC Desire Eye

I have recently bought HTC Desire Eye smartphone and i have clicked lots of wonderful pictures form it. But today my younger bother mistakenly deleted all the photos while previewing them. I have lost all my pictures. Can i retrieve pictures from HTC Desire Eye?

In this technology world we are crazy about smartphone and HTC is among those phone which is liked by millions of users. However it has produced many amazing phones but the HTC Desire Eye is most liked by people. It comes with many new and upgraded features than its previous version. The 13 mega-pixel camera of this phone delivers quality images of your every click. Users of HTC Desire Eye loves to capture photos specially those who are crazy about selfies from it. Pictures are those treasure which contains our memory so we never want to lose them. But unfortunately users of this phone also have to face photo loss scenario sometime. Once we mislay images we start searching about how to retrieve pictures from HTC Desire Eye.

There are many factor which can make photos inaccessible from your HTC Desire Eye smartphone. Lets see some common of them

  • Accidentally deletion of photos while by pressing delete all button while reviewing them
  • Selecting Restore factory setting can lead to loss of all the stored data including photos
  • Your phone can result in loss of data due to some external threats like virus or malware
  • Using the phone SD card in other devices can cause corruption
  • Power failure or ejecting the memory card improperly can also become a cause of photo loss

Many people think that once the photos get deleted from HTC phone cannot be recovered because it is erased permanently. But in actual the deleted photos still remains in the storage device till it is not rewritten by new data. So you can easily recover it by using some third party software. Photo recovery software is one of the finest utility through which one can easily retrieve pictures from HTC Desire Eye. It is designed using advance technique so that it can recover data from any smartphone.

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