How to Recover Lost Pictures from HTC One ME

How to Recover Lost Pictures from HTC One MEDo you want to recover lost pictures from HTC One ME? Well, HTC is a well known smartphone brand which is being widely used by several users world wide. Well, due to its amazing picture quality more and more users now prefers to capture the memorable moments of their life with their HTC One ME instead of carrying their Digital camera everywhere. Meanwhile, pictures clicked with HTC phone camera is saved to the the internal memory of your device and can be changed to memory card as well. Anyway, no matter where your pictures are saved, there is still chances to lose important pictures from your HTC phone as like any other digital device.

Causes Behind Loss of Pictures from HTC One ME

There are many factors which can result in loss of your priceless memories from your HTC phone unexpectedly at any point of time. The most reasonable reasons has been listed bellow take a look.

  • Unintentional deletion or formatting.
  • Bad sector on memory card.
  • Due to severe malware attack.
  • Interruption while transferring files.
  • Clicking images in low battery.
  • Restoring phone on factory settings.

Anyway, whatever the reasons behind loss of your important pictures, you can still get all your lost pictures easily. However, before option for the recovery process you should first know the way to prevent your files from overwriting issue as one your pictures get overwritten the it would be simply impossible to recover lost pictures from HTC One ME. Read the bellow instructions carefully in order to avoid overwriting issue on your HTC phone.

  • Stop using your phone immediately.
  • Do not insert your SD card in any other device.
  • Do not try any silly manual methods.
  • Avoid using any unreliable third party tool.

Best Solution for HTC One ME Photo Recovery

Well, the only reliable possibility to restore your pictures manually is using a valid backup file. In case if there is no backup file available then in such circumstances you should better opt for third party Photo Recovery Software. It is very effective, advanced, reliable and easy to use tool. It can easily restore all kinds of lost media files in a very safe and hassle free manner. Moreover, it is compatible with all Android phones and support pictures recovery from a range of storage medias. It provides just few easy steps to restore all pictures and also shows you the preview of all recoverable files. Therefore, it is recommended to take the help of Photo Recovery Software in order to recover lost pictures from HTC One ME with ease.

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