How to Recover Lost GIF Picture

Yesterday, my friend give me lots of GIF pictures and i stored them on my USB drive. But from some reason the folder in which i save the GIF image get deleted. So, can anyone give me advice on how to recover Lost GIF Picture?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is used to develop graphical images. This is the best format which is widely used to create animated image on web. Everyone collect lots of GIF pictures from Internet. It is compatible with all the popular browser and you can preserve animation file. It is simple to make animation program and it not required plug-in. The GIF pictures are small file size and it takes very few space on storage device. But unfortunately sometime we delete the pictures and start finding the way to get back the Lost GIF Picture.

Reason behind the loss of GIF pictures

There are a number of reasons from which the GIF image get deleted. Some of the reasons are :

  • Interruption during transfer – when you are transferring Pictures from one device to another and the connection get loss then it could delete all the GIF pictures.
  • Mishandling of device – The device which use memory card should not be used when its battery is getting low.
  • Virus attack – sometime the USB drive on which the image are stored is use in those device which is already infected by virus can lead to Lost GIF Picture
  • Bad sector of storage device – If the storage device on which the GIF image are stored has some bad sectors then there is high possibility that the image get lost.

It is very annoying moment when you loss all your favorite GIF pictures. Don’t get frustrate, you can get it back if you make copies of those pictures and store it. But in that case when there is no backup available you need third party software. You can use Photo recovery software to get back all your Lost GIF Picture. It can easily recover all the pictures from any device. It not only undelete GIF format it supports all the formats and compatible with every OS.

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