How To Recover CR2 Picture File

I have taken picture of my friends birthday with my Canon digital camera. When i come back home and try to access those pictures i get shocked, my important picture have disappear from the camera. I then connect camera to PC and try to access the pictures files, but it also goes worth. I have no idea how to recover CR2 picture file. Can anyone help me?

A large number of professional photographers recommend canon digital camera because image capture from this looks crystal clear and live. It has best GUI and high capability features. Canon digital camera use CR2 which is a popular and important RAW image format. With the help of external memory cards like SD, SDHC, micro SD cards, user can take lots of shots continuously that are usually saved with .CR2 file extension. But there is high possibility that the photo capture by this camera can delete or corrupt.

Reason that Causes Loss of CR2 File

There are many reason behind the inaccessibility of CR2 picture files and some of them are:

  • Unintentional deletion by accidentally pressing Delete button.
  • Using the SD card in more than one device.
  • If transfer process incomplete it can cause canon image to corrupt.
  • Memory card get attacked by virus lead to loss of pictures.
  • Incomplete installation of software that support CR2 files.
  • Driver of equipment that is use by computer to access images out of date.
  • Improper handling of Camera and memory card.

Use Photo Recovery Software

If you are also in that position and want to recover CR2 picture file then no need to worry. You can do it manually if you have backup available other wise you can use photo recovery software. It can easily Recover digital picture files from SD card of Canon digital camera in flawless manner. It not only recover CR2 format, it can easily recover all image format. It is compatible with all the version of Windows and Mac operating system. After scanning it preview the recover pictures. But, if you want to save the recovered CR2 picture then, you have to buy its licensed version.

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