How to Fix Incomplete AVI Video Files

Are you stuck with an incomplete AVI video file? Are you not able to play the videos in any media player? Don’t worry, you are at right place. Here you will find a complete solution to fix incomplete AVI video files.

AVI video files is one of the most preferred video file format which offers better quality. It is very good video file format when it comes to downloading files from Internet. However, user have to face some problem regarding to this. Sometime while downloading AVI video files all thing are going well, suddenly an error comes between which cause the downloading stop. When you try to play the downloaded video it play for some period and then stop. This is a very frustrating moment because you have spent long time in downloading and all goes waste. This situation arise the need to Fix Incomplete AVI Video Files. Apart from that there are some more scenario which leads to AVI file corruption.

Reasons behind AVI Video Files corruption

  • Improper system shutdown – when a system hangs, it cant react on shutdown command and user forcefully shutdown the system which can lead AVI Video files to corruption.
  • Incomplete download – Interruption during downloading of AVI video files can result them to corrupted.
  • Virus attack – If there is no proper Anti virus protection, virus can attack your system and damage AVI video files.
  • Header corruption – All the details of AVI video files like date, size etc are stored in a header file. If this header files get corrupt then it can end with AVI video files corruption.


  • Always make a proper backup of your important AVI files
  • Don’t interrupt while the files are downloading
  • Always use a strong Anti virus in your system

Use photo recovery software

You can Fix Incomplete AVI Video Files with the help of a third party software. It is a perfect tool to which fix AVI video files. It can also repair damage or corrupted AVI files. Apart from AVI it also supports xvid and .divX file format. This utility is easy to use and it can repair AVI video files stored in different storage devices like SD card, USB drive, memory stick and other hard disk.

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