Google Nexus Photo Recovery: Recover Deleted Photo video from Google Nexus

As well all know how the Android OS revolutionized functionality of phone and tablets in recent time. Nexus belongs to Android devices that have been developed with the collaboration of Google and several hardware manufacturers. Google works on Android Nexus devices and often releases latest updates time to time. No wonder whether you are using Nexus phones or tablets the experience of using various Android applications is far more better than any other ordinary Android gadgets. Of course apps can be accessed in quicker and handy manner including sharing vidoes, pictures, eBook reading, gaming and much more. But, at times users end up with pictures deleting where on google nexus photo recovery becomes extremely significant.

Why Photo Gets Deleted from Google Nexus?

Incidents like while erasing junk photos will sometimes lead to deletion of important files, restoring of Google Nexus devices to factory settings, handling the Android devices inappropriately, interference during data transferring from your Google Nexus tablet/phone to computer, etc. Apart from that, Spyware or virus attack would also be the probable reson for photo lost. Now, what should you do to recover photo video Google Nexus?

How to recover photos from Nexus?

Since, storage location in Nexus is just similar as computer drives whereon after deleting a file does not mean that Nexus erases it from storage, its flagged location only gets deleted wherein erased items still stored in its kernel sector. Therefore, there is good chances that you easily perform Google Nexus photo recovery. So, lets see how to recover photos from Nexus. You can retrive lost files using Google Drive, which lets users for storing data in cloud through synchronization of device. Alternatively, for Nexus there are several recovery mode available. But, all these measures are only feasible when you already taken backup of your stuff before getting lost. Now, in case you fails to have a proper backup or created backup gets corrupted then, in such situation you should rely on third party Android photo recovery software.

Best Mode for Google Nexus Photo Recovery

Android photo recovery Software is such an effective tool for Android phones that one can get all lost files in one click. It has been so sophisticatedly designed that even a novice user can easily be able to perorm Google Nexus photo recovery. It scans for lost files from its sophisticated scanning mechanism first and foremost. Then, provides preview of items that need to be restored. In addition, its interactive interface simplifies the recovery.

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Recovery Software Supports: Nexus one, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Google Nexus 7/5/4, etc.


  • Avoid storing of new data after deletion because it can erase it permanently.
  • Do not store recovered files at same location in case data recovery failure.
  • Update applications and other features of Android on regular basis.

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