Get Data from Damaged Android SD Card

“I have just returned from a tour where i had capture lots of images from my Android phone. But today when i attached the phone with my computer to save those memorable moments i get shocked to see that the computer refuse to detect the memory card it only detects the android storage device. Some friend has suggested that my SD card is damaged. Can i get data from damaged Android SD card?”

This is not a rare situation, this type of issues generally happens with the android users when they start considering their android phone as a digital camera. Today we can find several kinds of android phones which comes with remarkable camera and taking pictures from android phone has become a trend. The reason behind it is we can not take our camera with us especially when we don’t plan fro go to some trip so that moment the android phone works like digital camera. However with the increase of android phone data loss problem has also increased. Sometime the SD card used in the mobile gets damaged and the computer refuses to detect it as mentioned in the above scenario. But you don’t have to worry because you can still get data from damaged Android SD card. But before moving ahead for the recovery solution we must know about the factors that can lead damages SD card on android device.

  • The SD card can get damaged when users keep adding the file even the memory get full
  • Connecting the android device to virus infected system can also damage its SD card
  • Removing the card without switching off the device
  • Ejecting the SD card without applying proper method

Apart from that there should be many reason which can damage the SD card of android device but it doesn’t means that the data can’t be retrieved. You can get data from damaged Android SD card with the help of some genuine recovery tool like Photo recovery software. It is a wonderful recovery utility which is specially designed for recovering data from android device and SD card. So with the help of this software you can easily recover any type of deleted multimedia files from android external memory card.

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