Fix Out of Sync Error in MOV File

Last day one of my friends send a MOV file through emails and I have successfully downloaded it. But when used to play the very video I get Out of Sync Error. Have no idea what’s the issues but really want them back. How can I fix Out of Sync Error in MOV file? Please help me!!!

Fix Out of Sync Error in MOV File

MOV is a popular video format that widely used by professionals. Dues to its enhanced features it has been highly praised. However, sometimes it happens that while playing downloaded mov file you encounter Out of Sync Error which is very common common issues occurred during playback. When you play such MOV file onto the media player, you will see character’s lips movement but what he’s saying the actual dialogue you will get it after a seconds early or late. In case, if you too hear audio before or after seeing then you have encountered Out of Sync Error in MOV File. However, you don’t need to be disturbed as you can the issue.

Out of Sync Error in MOV File usually takes place when MOV file is encoded with some wrong settings. When the settings does not match the settings of the media player on which you are trying to play MOV file. You can resolve the sync issues by downloading the audio video synchronizing software. But in case if you fail to resolve your problem or situation continues, then definitely there happens MOV file corruption problem that can be due to following reasons: –

  • MOV Videos playing on media player would be struck
  • MOV file being played is closed directly
  • Clicking on “Forcefully shut down” option when MOV file is open
  • Saving it in a hard drive that contains bad sectors.

No matter, what’s the reasons but you don’t need to be disappointed as using Photo Recovery Software you can easily get them back. The very tool is easy to use, reliable and secure. It will thoroughly examine the MOV file and collect information in it. It can too repair large sized MOV file. Therefore, make use of Photo Recovery Software.

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