Easy Tips To Recover CF Card Pictures on Windows

Hi guys, myself Brendon last evening my son accidentally formatted the memory card from digital camera. It had lots of precious and memorable pictures. Unfortunately, I haven’t made any backup Can anyone suggest me the best way to Recover CF Card Pictures on Windows?


Hello Brendon, don’t worry read this post briefly and it will definitely help you to Recover CF Card Pictures on Windows. CF( compact flash) card is a widely used memory card in various kinds of devices like computers, digital cameras, MP3 players, camcorders etc. These cards possess more advanced features and superior as compared to other memory cards. A CF card is quick, reputable and has very high storage capacity that helps users to store lots of data like pictures, applications, videos, movies, audios and many more things. Generally, a CF card capacity ranges from 128 MB to 64 GB. So, you can easily store multiple data at one place. Although, compact cards are trustworthy it doesn’t mean that these cards are free from any bugs and issues. Like other memory cards these cards (CF cards) are also not 100% protected.

You can face data loss circumstance in CF cards due to various number of reasons such as pressing the format button unintentionally, removing memory during process, virus infection, transferring data improperly, accidental deletion, inappropriate file format that causes you to format memory card, occurrence of unknown error while connecting with windows, system abruptly shutting down, faulty cables etc. Losing your valuable pictures can be very unpleasant and disturbing. Therefore, it very necessary to Recover CF Card Pictures on Windows. Whatever may be the reason for losing data from CF in order to get back your lost pictures we recommend that you should stop using CF card immediately because new data will overwrite the existing and occupies the space of deleted one’s.

Use Photo Recovery Software

If users are facing any of the scenarios mentioned above there’s is a good news for them. They can effectively Recover CF Card Pictures on Windows by using a third party recovery tool. We advised you to select Photo Recovery Software to resolve this issues. Photo recovery software uses high algorithm technique. Moreover, this recovery software is capable to retrieve your inaccessible/deleted/ corrupted data from various kinds of memory cards like San Disk, Kingston, Laxer , SDHC, CF, XD cards, SD , Toshiba,etc. Photo recovery software is also compatible with all the version of Mac and Widows operating system.

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