Complete Guide to Repair Corrupted JPEG Photos

We all use to preserve our memorable moments in the form of pictures. There are many formats of image file and JPEG is one of them. JPEG stands for joints photographic expert group which is a compressed image format. This format supports upto 24 bit color and this is the reason that most of the digital camera use this format to save images. One of the best feature of this format that it reduce the file size by compressing it. Most of photos captured from camera remains in the form of JPEG format. But user get shocked when they try to open the image file and they refuse to open. This problem exists when the JPEG photos get corrupted. To access them we have to repair corrupted JPEG photos.

Why JPEG picture get corrupted?

There are many reason behind the corruption of JPEG pictures. And some of the possible reason which make the image inaccessible are

  • Virus or malware attack – If you are using SD card in an infected system then JPEG files can easily catch virus which makes them corrupt.
  • Unknown Error – While sharing images, if there any error occurs it can corrupt the JPEG pictures easily.
  • Human mistake – Sometime we want to remove unwanted photos and we accidentally press the delete all button. This action can delete all the pictures.
  • Faulty hard disk – If there is any bad part on the hard disk and JPEG images are stored on them can result in corruption of pictures.

How to repair corrupted JPEG photos

Photos can corrupted or lost anytime, so it is better to make a copy of them. But if user does not have a proper backup then they will require a third party software which can repair corrupted JPEG photos. Use Photo recovery software, it is the best utility which can easily repair corrupted JPEG files. In addition, it supports all type of image file format and can be used on any Windows OS. Not only it repairs, but it can also recover deleted image from any storage device.

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