Guidelines to Retrieve Lost Nikon NEF Images In An Easy Way

Photos or images are the very easiest way to capture our memorable moments and this may also brings happiness at our face when we became sad. So losing these photos is really a very unhappy moment. Now a days the Nikon cameras is becoming a first choice of all the people as a best camera. The NEF(Nikon Electronic format) is a raw file format of Nikon camera which is sometimes called as a digital negatives. This file format contains informations about captured images by camera sensor and image metadata. Using this camera you can capture photos very easily and with a great clarity but on the other hand there is much more chance to inaccessibilities of captured photos. So if you are the one who is using this camera and facing the problem regarding corruption of Nikon NEF images then do not worry because it is possible to retrieve lost Nikon NEF images.

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Guidelines to Recover lost photo from CF Card

What is the best way to recover lost photo from CF card?I have accidentally deleted all precious photos of mine while transferring photos from CF card to PC? Is there any quick way to recover them back? Please help me.

CF card or compact flash card is a famous flash digital memory card. Its susceptibility are usually from  from 128 MB to 64 GB. It has large size when compared to other storage devices like Memory stick, SD card, smart media etc. thats why it is widely used by digital cameras. CF card not only keeps your data safe as well as enable you to transfer files from one device to another device very easily. Like other memory card the data stored on CF card gets corrupted or lost due to various reason. Once this CF card gets corrupted, you will not be able to access your data further. If you try to plug the memory card to your device and access the data then it will through some error message like card cannot be used, Read Error/Write Error, card not initialized, etc and with the presence of this error you will be failed to access data. So you should stop using the memory card instantly if you want to recover lost photo from CF card.

Possible reason behind the data loss from CF card

  • Corruption of memory card
  • Memory card is not formatted properly
  • Faulty card reader
  • The file system is damaged
  • Attack of virus and malware infection
  • Power surges Pulling out the memory card without switching the camera off.
  • Disk structure corruption of the memory card

Ways to retrieve files from CF card

In order to get all precious photos of yours, you can take help from third party tool that is photo recovery software. It comes with powerful scanning algorithm that repair the corrupted or damaged memory card and recover all lost photos from memory card effectively and quickly. Hence if you are looking for a reliable solution to recover lost photos from CF card, then photo recovery software could be best solution for you.

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Way to Retrieve Deleted Picture From Memory Stick

Have you accidentally deleted all the pictures from your memory stick? Are you looking for the solution to get them back? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. In this article you will know how retrieve deleted picture from memory stick.

Memory stick is a removable flash memory card storage device. It is accepted by many users because it is light, reliable, portable and easy to use. There are several type of Memory stick available in market including memory stick, memory stick pro, Duo, HG and memory stick micro. It is capable to store data form 32 MB to 8 GB. It has also been used in several gadget like camcorder, mobile phones and play station. We use Memory stick to store lots of pictures which we have taken from different device. Hence, the worse thing that can happen is lost of these precious pictures due to corruption and deletion. This arises the need to retrieve deleted picture from Memory stick.

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How to Recover Deleted Picture From Canon Powershot a520

Recover deleted picture from Canon Powershot a520

If you have deleted important pictures from camera and looking to Recover deleted picture from Canon Powershot a520, then you are n right place. The canon model that you are using is a cheap and best camera that can be used to take pictures in parties, functions and other types of interesting moments. The picture quality of Canon Powershot a520 is amazing and the clicked photos are stored in different formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc. SD card is used as an external memory on this camera and all photos are stored on it.

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Easy Instructions to Perform JPEG Picture Recovery


Hello everyone, i am looking for an easy solution to recover the corrupted or deleted JPEG pictures from digital gadgets. So if you have idea about JPEG picture Recovery then please help me. “Thanks for your suggestion”.

Hi,, i am glad to see you here because this the correct place where you will get all details about JPEG picture Recovery. Actually the JPEG is stands for (joint photographic expert group) which is most popular file format that contains photos of digital gadgets. It is a compressed format of photographic pictures. When there is variety of digital gadgets is launching day by day and peoples are using it to capture and stored pictures, there is also a possibilities of corruption in stored JPEG pictures. According to recent survey report the JPEG picture Recovery is a most searched queries on the Internet by millions of users across the world. This is due to importance of photos in our life as it a captured moment which we spent with our loved ones. Generally, the people thought that it is impossible to recover corrupted JPEG pictures. But let me tell you that now a days when technology became so rich the JPEG picture Recovery is not an impossible task. Before moving further it is very important to know the causes of JPEG picture corruption.

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