Get Back Files from Micro SD Card : Complete Guidelines

Yesterday I went to my friend marriage and I took lots of pictures and was planning to share all photos to my other friends through social networking site. But when it returned to my home and connected my Micro SD card to my computer, something went wrong and unknown error has occurred and I cannot open the card. Can I get back files from Micro SD card? Is there any quick and easy way to recover all files? Please let me know.

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Data Recovery from SDXC Card is Easy Now


Have you lost data from SDXC card? Are you searching about data recovery from SDXC card? Don’t be vexed!! In this post you will get easy instruction to recover data from SDXC card. SDXC cards are used frequently, in today’s world of technology by everyone. SDXC stands for secured digital extended capacity. It is used to save lots of data which includes music, image, video, apps and other files in many electronic devices like digital camera and smart-phones. It comes with high storage capacity and it can store data from 32 MB to 2 TB. But it is also true that data loss can happen anytime with SDXC card users. After getting stuck in data loss situation users starts finding for data recovery from SDXC card. Well there are several things which can create data loss scenario.

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Pictures Gets Deleted From Nikon Coolpix P510


In todays life capturing pictures through digital camera is a very common habit of many peoples. But when there is variety of digital cameras is available in market it became more confusing to choose the right one. The survey reports says that now a days the Nikon Coolpix P510 camera is getting very popular and most demanding. It is a perfect combination of unique features and innovative design. This model is used by professional and non professional peoples also. There is a super zoom facility in this camera and its lenses are very powerful. The pictures captured by this camera are in high definition. But in spite of its goodness sometimes its user must have undergone through a situation where the pictures gets deleted from Nikon Coolpix P510. Therefore all the users should be advised to create backup regularly to deal this kind of photo loss situation.

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MOV Repair CRC Error Corruption

You have lots of MOV video files that are stored in the system drive and you like to watch them in free time. These videos are either recorded with the camcorder or have been downloaded from the internet. You have now discovered that some of the files are not playing properly and stops with an error. The error message that you get mentions the Crc corruption. So if you want to play that video again then MOV Repair CRC Error Corruption needs to be done. The common reason for the corruption is the incomplete downloading or the transferring of the file from other device. Some of the other possible reasons are related to the drive where the video files are saved, the drive may also get corrupted and as a result the video file get damaged. If the system closes abruptly while playing the videos then also the damage happens.

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Canon Powershot a540 Photo Recovery : Helpful Tutorial

Hello everyone i am using Canon Powershot a540 camera past few days. When i was on a holiday trip with my family, i have captured lot of sweet memories in photo and videos using this camera. But now i encountered a problems of photo loss from my camera. So is there anyone who can provide me guidelines to perform Canon powershot a540 photo recovery.

Hey there, it is informed you that you have arrived at the right place while searching the ideas to do Canon powershot a540 photo recovery. In this post i will provide all the helpful instruction that helps to recover you lost photos from Canon Powershot a540 camera. In the present time the Canon Powershot a540 camera is becoming very popular all over the world. It is incorporated with some advance feature that will enhance the users photographic experience. You can capture very crystal clear photos in a very high resolution because of its powerful lenses and zooming facility. Inspite of its effectiveness sometimes the captured by this camera will be lost due to some reasons. Therefore experts suggests to always have a backup of all files. Now moving towards the scenario in which the photos gets lost.

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