Retrieve Data from Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick

Hii friends I am in a big trouble as I have encounter data loss from Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick. Last night while transferring data from the very storage media computer unexpectedly shutdown. When restart to complete the transfer but I don’t find any data there. How can I retrieve data from Xbox 360 USB memory stick? Help me please!!!

Retrieve Data from Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick

Fortunately you are reading the right post if looking for the solution to retrieve data from Xbox 360 USB memory stick. Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick is a popular storage media which well known video game console. This features a lost like various online games, television programs, music, videos and other media that you can be download via Xbox Live. These games and media files saved on external memory device like Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick. Xbox Memory Stick, developed by SanDisk which can hold data like Xbox games, game data, and even Online Facebook, Twitter pages up to 32GB. In order to use memory space on Xbox Memory Stick first it needs to be configured / customized which you can do by foing through the following steps:-

  • First plug your Xbox 360 Memory Stick to the game console
  • Go to the Xbox dashboard >> click for System settings
  • Click on Storage option.
  • Select USB storage device option from list of show storage option.
  • Click on Configure Now or Customize option

After the process get completed Memory Stick will be shown as Memory Unit which now can be used to save files from the console. In spite of so cool features there are many adverse reasons that leads to data loss after which users wonder for solution to retrieve data from Xbox 360 USB memory stick. There are number of reasons that are liable for the cumbersome situation. Among them some commonly seen are listed below:-

  • Unintentionally formatting the memory device
  • Plugging Xbox 360 storage device to unsupported game console
  • Entry of malicious viruses to Xbox 360 memory Stick
  • Unexpected deletion of important files on Xbox 360
  • Improper usage of Xbox 360 Memory Stick on Xbox console

Solution to Retrieve Data from Xbox 360 USB Memory Stick

No matter what’s the reasons behind the deletion of data from Xbox 360 USB memory stick but you don’t need to be dishearten as using Photo Recovery Software you can easily get them back. The very tool is easy to use, reliable and secure that scans throughly your storage media and help to restore all your lost, deleted or corrupted data from Xbox 360 USB memory stick. Hence try the very tool to retrieve data from Xbox 360 USB memory stick.

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