Recover Pictures from Nikon DSLR Camera

Hi friends i am facing a major problem. I want on a tour with my friends and clicked lots of pictures from my Nikon DSLR Camera. Because i was on the tour and there is no charging facility so i continue clicking pictures even in the low battery. After returning home i want to save those pictures in my computer but i get shocked when i switch on my camera there was not a single picture available. Does anyone knows how to recover pictures from Nikon DSLR camera? Read more

Recover Pictures from Locked Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

I have put a password in my Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to protect my important data from unauthorized access. However, i have change the password of the phone last night because it was too old, but now i forget that password. Now the only thing i can do is to format my phone but doing this will wipe out all the data from it which i never want. So if there any way to recover pictures from locked Samsung Galaxy Smartphone then please suggest me. Thanks Read more

Recover Deleted Pictures from Sony HDR-PJ675 Handycam

Last Sunday i was celebrating my son’s birthday and i have capture lots of pictures and videos from my Sony HDR-PJ675 handycam. Since i was busy in other work and i gave the handycam to my friend. But while previewing the pictures he accidentally press the delete all button and a result of this all the pictures and videos captured by it get deleted. Can i recover deleted pictures from Sony HDR-PJ675 handycam? Read more

How to Retrieve Pictures from Dead Memory Card

Hi friends i am in a problem and need your help. Actually i am using a 8 GB memory card in my Android phone and it has lots of data. I always use that memory card in several devices to transfer data, but last night it become dead. I had store my memorable pictures which i don’t want to lose. So if anybody knows about How to retrieve pictures from dead memory card then please help me. Thanks Read more

How to Recover Pictures from Folder Lock on Android

I have put some of my personal pictures in folder lock on my Android mobile to save it from unauthorized access. But unfortunately i forgot the password of the folder lock and i delete the folder lock app in order to get those pictures. But it was a big mistake because the pictures also get deleted with the app. Can anyone help me to recover pictures from folder lock on Android? Read more

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