Fix Sandisk Ultra 32GB Micro SD Not Working

Hi guys myself Phlip josh, recently I bought Sandisk ultra 32gb micro SD. it worked fine for a while after that it’s not been detected by my phone. I tried to connect the card with other mobile devices and USB connector but nothing happened, result is same. Please anyone suggest an authentic solution to fix Sandisk ultra 32gb micro SD not working issue effectively. Any sort of help would be appreciated. Read more

How to Recover Lost Items From Google nexus 10


How to recover lost items from Google nexus 10? Are you also thinking the same? If this is true then font be sad. In this post you will get complete solution about recovering lost items from Google nexus 10.

In today’s world the use of tablet has gone to a big level and Google nexus 10 is the most most liked tablet in recent time. Google nexus 10 is a powerful device which comes with advance features such as fast performance, high resolution display, interesting apps and so on. It comes with 16 to 32 GB internal storage which offers us to save high amount of data on it. Despite of all outstanding features users have to face some problem also which make them loose their important data stored on Google nexus 10. after the lost of data we become desperate and start searching for how to recover lost items from Google nexus 10.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from Nikon D610

Now a days Nikon is the one of the most popular and highly used digital cameras by professional photographers as well as general user. The popularity of Nikon digital cameras is increasing day by day and reached to its latest version Nikon d610. Nikon d610 is much prettier than its other model. It comes with high digital quality and improved resolution. Instead of all this features, Nikon d 610 digital cameras is also not free from photo loss issue. There occurs a situation when you own Nikon d610 digital camera and takes lots of pictures and save on it. At times you accidentally erased the wrong photos. To get back the photos you format the memory card and in this way you may lost all the precious photos. Photos are the best means to cherish all the memorable moments of past so losing the precious photos can make you frustrate and sad. But no  need to worry you can recover deleted photos from Nikon d610 by using valid backup file. If you have backed up camera and saved a copy of them in your computer, then you retrieve all photos easily at any time.

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Canon EOS 7D Mark II SD Card Accidentally Formatted: What to Do Next

Have you ever been in the scenario when your Canon EOS 7D Mark II SD card accidentally formatted? Well, formatting SD card removed every single data stored on your storage media. Usually, people think that once if SD card is formatted then the lost files can not be restore ever. Well, it is just a wrong myth. In reality, you files are not removed permanently even after formatting SD card. Well, you can not access or locate your pictures and other files manually. Hence, there is no need to worry about you can get all your lost files back with right technique. Follow the bellow mentioned instructions carefully in order to recover all your important files safely when Canon EOS 7D Mark II SD card accidentally formatted.

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